Pegasus Club member card
  • Pegasus Club member card

Pegasus Club member card


The advantageous loyalty card for Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth collectors!

The Pegasus Club is currently full, subscribe below to be alerted as soon as places become available :-)

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Pegasus Club members enjoy three benefits:

Benefit 1: priority access to all Saint Cloth Myth pre-orders

When a new product is launched, you are notified by our newsletter and receive priority access to our site to place your order.

There are as many copies available as there are Pegasus Club members.

Your reservation is however limited to 1 copy.

Result: stress-free pre-orders and the assurance that you won't have to complete your collection at a golden price.

Benefit 2: a 5% discount for the duration of the pre-order period

We offer you a 5% discount on the public price.

Renewal conditions

- The card is valid for one year and expires on 30/11 of each year.

- The membership cards to be renewed will then be offered in priority to Pegasus Club members for one week.

- At the end of this period, non-renewed cards are offered for sale to our other customers on this page.

- Your benefits are valid for any pre-order starting after the date of your subscription.


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