Bulma Adventure Begins pink dress SH Figuarts (Dragon Ball)

Bulma Adventure Begins pink dress SH Figuarts (Dragon Ball)


Bulma Adventure Begins SH Figuarts : action figure of the Dragon Ball character with her pink dress as seen in the first episode of the TV anime.



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Second version of Bulma during his youth in the Dragon Ball SH Figuarts action figures collection from Bandai Tamashii Nations.

This time Bulma is proposed in its Adventure Begins version, that is to say in the emblematic pink dress that she wears in the first TV episode of the Dragon Ball TV anime.

The Bulma Adventure Begins SH Figuarts action figure is accompanied by essential accessories for any self-respecting adventurer : a red bow to tie her hair, a Dragon Radar, a Capsule Corp capsule (thank you mom, thank you daddy !), one crystal ball ... and a weapon to defend her against, for example, any small wild monkey met during her journey !

The three interchangeable faces that accompany the young lady are very representative of her expressions ... including a particularly funny frightened face.

In addition to the fantastic joints of the Bulma Adventure Begins SH Figuarts, the interchangeable hands included in the box will give this Bandai Tamashii Nations collector's item extremely realistic natural poses.

Dear Dragon Ball fans do not go your way, this SH Figuarts action figure of Bulma Adventure Begins is made for you ... back to childhood !

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