Hot Toys

Hot Toys : useful information

Our online store is an official retailer of the famous burning brand based in Hong Kong.

Buying your Hot Toys figures in our store is the guarantee of receiving an official product from the European distribution network in a sealed brown shipper box and benefiting from a quality after-sales service.

Since its beginning in 2000, the brand has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce action figures of movies, manga or video games characters, with a breathtaking level of detail, whether at scale 1/6 (about 30 cm high) or 1/4 (about 45 cm high).

The Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS for short) range is the largest catalog of the brand and covers many film licenses. Fans of blockbusters can acquire exceptional collectible action figures, faithful to their favorite actors.

Some of the larger collections include Marvel figures (Iron Man, Captain America, War Machine and other Avengers) and Star Wars figures.

The figures all have flawless joints and very realistic hand-finished faces (headsculpts), which is the firm's strong point. Each figure has its own iconic accessories, interchangeable hands and a display stand decorated according to the film from which it comes. For some figures, such as Iron Man Mark XLIII, the display stand is complemented by an articulated and reinforced support allowing you to give aerial poses to Tony Stark.

These figures are one of the flagships of our catalog, we strongly recommend them to lovers of ultra-realistic action figures. If you are a demanding collector of 1/6 or 1/4 action figures, no doubt : buying Hot Toys is a wise choice.

DX, Diecast : what is it ?

Some versions called DX offer a host of complementary accessories to recreate the particular environment in which the character evolves. These figures are usually sold with interchangeable headsculpts that may in some cases have an option to adjust the orientation of the eyes for a perfect staging.

On the other hand, Hot Toys Diecast products are a hit with Iron Man fans. These are essentially made of metal parts allowing a fabulous rendering of the armor.