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The history of Hot Toys

Hot Toys is one of the most famous brands in the high-end collectible figures market. Founded in 2000 in Hong Kong, the company began its activities with the production of highly detailed articulated military figures at 1/6 scale.

In 2003, it successfully redirected its business model towards figures inspired by movies, TV series, video games, and comics, leveraging its meticulous craftsmanship.

In 2024, the company launched Hono Studio, a subsidiary that focuses 100% on comic book characters. Hono Studio figures are offered at a more affordable price point compared to Hot Toys collectibles.

The manufacturer's products are currently distributed in Europe by the American company Sideshow Collectibles (which also supplies the United States, the Middle East, Japan, and Southeast Asia).

Key features of Hot Toys figures

The company mainly focuses on producing astonishingly detailed 1/6 scale (approximately 30 cm) and 1/4 scale (approximately 45 cm) articulated figures.

The two main strengths of its products are impeccable rigid joints and a very realistic portrayal of the face ("headsculpt"), faithfully representing the character as seen on screen.

Each piece comes in a collector's window box packaging with a display base, interchangeable hands, and numerous accurate accessories.

On the latest models, the manufacturer regularly offers a system of rotating eyes to increase the realism of the characters and posing possibilities.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS)

The Movie Masterpiece Series (abbreviated as MMS) is the most extensive range covering cinematic licenses. Fans of successful movies can acquire exceptional collectible figures that are highly faithful to their favorite actors.

Hot Toys TV Masterpiece Series (TMS)

The TV Masterpiece Series (abbreviated as TMS) focuses on characters from TV series. This range has gained significant traction with the advent of Disney Plus and the Star Wars and Marvel series offered on the platform.

Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece (VGM)

As the name suggests, this range is dedicated to video game characters. It mainly features figures from games dedicated to Spider-Man and Batman.

Hot Toys DX

The designation DX (for "deluxe") is used for figures accompanied by a plethora of additional accessories that allow for the recreation of the character's environment: scenery, vehicles, etc.

Hot Toys aims to achieve a perfect setup for displaying your collector's figure.

Licenses exploited by Hot Toys

The brand's catalog is primarily dominated by licenses from the Disney group (Star Wars and Marvel) and DC Comics (mainly Batman).

However, Hot Toys occasionally offers figures from other strong cinema licenses such as Terminator, Alien, Robocop, or Predator.

Among the most followed collections, you'll find the Iron Man and Star Wars figures. Each of these series has its own specificities.

Hot Toys Iron Man

This is the collection responsible for the Hot Toys "diecast" (metal) figure.

The first Iron Man film launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and was a global success. Hot Toys has paid homage to the character portrayed on screen by Robert Downey Jr. numerous times with high-quality armor reproductions.

In 2013, the year Iron Man 3 hit theaters, the Iron Patriot in "diecast" version was introduced. It was the first armor predominantly made of metallic parts, providing a fabulous finish. The commercial success was immediate, and other "Mark" armors of the billionaire Avenger were quickly released or re-released in this finish. Today, Hot Toys Diecast products occupy a special place in Iron Man figures collections.

It's worth noting that the "diecast" concept was also later applied to Robocop and C-3PO.

Hot Toys Star Wars

The history of Hot Toys Star Wars collectible figures began modestly in 2012. The first model featured Luke Skywalker in his iconic "Bespin Outfit." It was a Deluxe version (specifically reference DX 05) accompanied by a diorama.

At the time, many thought it would be a one-off story... and then Disney acquired Lucasfilm.

In 2015, just before the release of the first installment of the third trilogy (Star Wars Episode 7), Hot Toys engaged in intense collaboration with Disney.

The company notably developed 1/6 scale vehicles like the speeders accompanying Darth Maul, the Mandalorian, or the Scout Trooper.

A crucial point for any Jedi (or Sith) worth their salt, some characters come with a LED-lit lightsaber system.

Finally, if you also appreciate Sideshow's Sixth Scale products, a Hot Toys figure will easily fit alongside them due to the common scale. This allows you to build an impressive collection of 1:6 scale Star Wars figures, choosing from over 300 different models!

Where to buy Hot Toys figures?

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