Hot Toys

Where to buy your Hot Toys figures ? At Myth Factory of course!

Our store is specialized for many years in the online sale of Hot Toys collectible action figures.

This Asian production house is one of the most famous in our sector. The brand was created in 2000 in Hong-Kong and is now distributed in Europe by Sideshow Collectibles.

Buying Hot Toys figures at Myth Factory, it is the guarantee to receive an official product of the European distribution network. It comes with a sealed brown shipping box and benefits from a quality after-sales service.

Thanks to our reservation system, it is possible to reserve each new in pre-order with a simple deposit.

At the time of shipment, we overpack the Hot Toys over-carton in an oversized package. The empty spaces are filled with polystyrene particles. This ensures that you receive a product with a beautiful decorative box in perfect condition!

Really high-end 1/6 and 1/4 scale figures

Since its creation, the company has proposed many articulated figurines in the image of characters from films, manga or video games. They are always of a breathtaking level of detail, whether in 1/6 scale (figurine measuring about 30 cm) or 1/4 scale (about 45 cm).

The Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS for short) is the most extensive line covering many movie licenses. Fans of blockbuster movies can acquire exceptional collectible figures that are very faithful to their favorite actors.

The strong points of the firm are the impeccable articulations and a very realistic rendering of the face (headsculpts). Each piece is delivered in a collector's window box with a display base decorated according to the film, interchangeable hands and numerous accessories.

These products are one of the jewels of our catalog, we highly recommend them to fans of ultra-realistic figures. If you are a demanding collector no doubt: buying Hot Toys is a wise choice.

Among the most followed collections, you will find the Hot Toys Iron Man and Hot Toys Star Wars. These two series have each their specificities, I invite you to review them.

Hot Toys Iron Man : the collection to which we owe the diecast figurine

The first Iron Man movie launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to worldwide success. Hot Toys Iron Man has paid numerous tributes to the character embodied on screen by Robert Downey Jr. with high quality armor reproductions.

In 2013, the year Iron Man 3 was released in theaters, the Iron Patriot in diecast version was presented by Hot Toys. It was the first armor mainly made of metal parts allowing a fabulous rendering. The commercial success was immediate and the other "Mark" of the billionaire Avengers were quickly published or reissued in this finish. It's simple, today, who says Hot Toys Iron Man says Diecast.

For some models, like the Mark XLIII, the display stand has been completed with an articulated and reinforced support rod to give aerial poses to Tony Stark in his flamboyant armor: of the most beautiful effect in your window.

Note that the diecast concept has also been applied to Robocop for the MMS202 and MMS203 releases.

Hot Toys and its Star Wars figures: a vast catalog that has been long awaited!

The history of Hot Toys Star Wars collectible figures began tentatively in 2012. The first model was dedicated to Luke Skywalker in his iconic "Bespin Outfit". It was a Deluxe version (reference DX 05 to be precise) accompanied by a diorama.

At the time, many thought it would be a one-shot deal ... and then Disney bought Lucasfilm.

In 2015, just before the first installment of the third trilogy (Star Wars Episode 7) hit our screens, Hot Toys entered into an intense collaboration with Disney.

In less than 5 years, more than 100 different models of 1/6 figures (measuring from 30 cm to 36 cm high depending on the character) have been added to the Movie Masterpiece Series catalog.

They are considered by many collectors as the most accomplished articulated figures of the characters of the famous science fiction saga. We fully share this opinion in view of the little extras brought by a Star Wars Hot Toys figure.

For example, with some models, like the Darth Vader Hot Toys from episode 5, a diorama is provided to put the character in scene. These accessories are really useful to recreate an atmosphere or a cult scene around your favorite hero (or great villain).

In the same vein, Hot Toys has also developed 1/6 scale vehicles such as the speeder that accompanies Darth Maul, the Mandalorian and the Scout Trooper.

Also of great importance to any self-respecting Jedi (or Sith), some characters come with an LED lightsaber system with a guaranteed "OMG!!" effect..

Finally, if you also like Sideshow's Sixth Scale Star Wars products, a Hot Toys figure will be easily displayed next to them thanks to the common scale. It is thus possible to build a superb collection of 30 cm (1/6) Star Wars figures by choosing among more than 300 different models!

And Hot Toys DX in all this? What are they?

The name DX is used for Hot Toys figures offering a host of additional accessories that can recreate the environment in which the character evolves: decor, vehicle, ...

These figures are sometimes sold with a head that has an option to adjust the orientation of the eyes or interchangeable face parts (like the Hot Toys Batman DX19).

The objective pursued by Hot Toys is to achieve a perfect staging to display your collectible figure and the goal is clearly achieved.