A "pre-order" item is an item that is not yet in stock

By placing a "pre-order", you are guaranteed to get the item pre-ordered at a price less or equal to the price of that item when it will be in stock.

IMPORTANT : Date of availability

We have unfortunately no more specific information than the information on the product page on our website. If the delivery date indicated is a past month or the current month without any information about the exact day of arrival, it means that we have not yet received more details on this subject.

Date of availability of "pre-order" items is provided by the manufacturer / distributor for informational purposes and regularly updated (once a month).

Please take into account that a delay of several months (or even years with some small manufacturers) remains the rule in our industry. The average delay is 6 months. We strongly advise you not to pre-order any product for a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas party. Myth Factory will not be held responsible for any delays in the availability of the products concerned.

The product will be shipped immediately when it will be in stock, upon delivery of the European shops by the distributor.

Due to their own logistical constraints, some manufacturers spread the delivery of a product over periods of up to several months. The estimated delivery date mentioned on our site always represents the date on which the manufacturer plans to deliver the last copies of the product concerned.

Please note that because they are manufactured in Asia, products are available in Asia and the USA 2 to 6 months before they are available in Europe. As a result, videos and photos of the final products may already be circulating on the internet while they are still awaiting delivery from the manufacturer to European customers.

Full payment and booking deposit

To confirm the reservation of a "pre-order" item, you have to pay it when you validate your cart (click on the "Check Out" button).

It is also possible to book your product with a booking deposit. This option is available until one month before the arrival of the product in stock.

To proceed in this way, please make a click on the button "Payment option" on the page of the concerned product, then choose "Booking deposit".

You can pay the balance of your order at any time by going to the "My balance payments" section of your customer area.

Without spontaneous payment, the payment of the balance of your order will be requested by email 15 calendar days before arrival of your product in stock.

You will have to proceed to your payment within 7 calendar days .

If this deadline is not respected your order will be cancelled. Your deposit will not be refunded and will be used to cover administrative costs incurred by MYTH FACTORY.

Shipping / Order including "in stock" items and "pre-order" items (and/or pre-ordered items paid in full and reserved by deposit)

Your order will be shipped when all the fully paid items it contains are in stock. It is not possible to proceed with a partial shipment of your products.

If your order contains booking deposits for pre-ordered products, these will not be taken into account when arranging shipment of the remaining items.

The dispatch of products booked by deposit will take place after payment of the remaining balance and the shipping costs relating to their dispatch.

Automatic grouped shipping of several orders

When several of your orders are put on the expedition simultaneously because of the common arrival in stock of the products they contain, all the products are automatically included in a single shipment. It is not possible to make an exception to this rule.

A statement of the shipping costs that you have paid is then made within 48 hours of shipment. The difference is refunded to you in the form of a voucher. It is not possible to obtain a refund of shipping costs on your credit card, bank account or Paypal account.

Adding products to a previously registered order

Due to the conditions applied by our payment security partners, it is not possible to modify an existing order awaiting shipment in order to add one or more additional products.

In this case, we invite you to place a new order for the additional products you wish to order and to request grouped shipment with the previously registered order (see the paragraph hereunder "Grouped shipment on request of several orders").

Grouped shipping on request of several orders

When you request the grouped shipping of several of your pending orders, a statement of the shipping costs you have paid is made within 48 hours of shipment.

The difference is refunded to you as a voucher. It is not possible to obtain a refund of shipping costs on your credit card, bank account or Paypal account.

Pre-order cancellation

When you pre-order a product on our website, we make our best to ensure that you will receive this product at the moment of its arrival on the market. In order to preserve our excellent relations with our suppliers, we can not cancel products that we reserve for you.

Therefore, any cancellation of a pre-order gives us workload and storage concerns.

This is the reason why we do not refund the deposit you paid in the event of a cancellation.

Customers who have pre-ordered their product with a full payment will get back the amount initially paid, reduced by a non refundable deposit of 15 %.

Myth Factory has also the right to :

- refuse any new order from customers who have canceled one or more pre-orders in the past

- refuse any further shipment of merchandise until Myth Factory receives the balance payment of pre-ordered items, reserved with a deposit and available in stock

- cancel registered pre-orders from customers who have canceled one or more pre-orders in the past

However, we do accept a full refund of your payment if the estimated delivery time (provided on the product page on our website during your pre-order) exceeds 6 months, which is the average delivery delay observed in our industry (refer to the paragraph above regarding the specified availability date).

Thank you in advance for your understanding.