Although we only sell officially licensed items manufactured by well renowned companies, sometimes a small problem can occur when unpacking your product. Paint damage, missing or broken part : no problem, we help you to get a solution from the manufacturer, through the European distributor.

Please keep in mind that any paint problem of maximum 2 mm will be considered as acceptable and will not give right to any remplacement or discount. The same applies to any problem that is only visible at a distance of less than 30 cm from the product or in low light.

We also ask you to be very careful when assembling your products. Any damage caused by an error of handling or a too brutal handling will not be replaced. We remind you that our products are intended for adult collectors and are not toys for children.

What do I have to do?

First and foremost, there's no point in letting us know about your problem by commenting on social networks or review platforms like Trustpilot, as these tools don't allow us to offer you an after-sales procedure - that's not their role.

Within 48 working hours of receiving your package, send us by email precise pictures of the defects (make sure you take clear pictures and under sufficient light).

This email should be sent to: [email protected]

The title of the email has to mention the reference of your order.

For Bandai Tamashii Nations products : please also take a picture of the bottom of the product packaging showing the sticker with the distributor's contact details.

For Sideshow Collectibles statues : please send us a photo of the bottom of the statue base with the item number and the size of the edition (for example: 502/2500)

And then what ?

We submit a file to the distributor, who will forward it to the manufacturer. If the brand accepts your request, a replacement part will be added to the next delivery from the manufacturer to the distributor. The distributor will then ship the replacement part to us.

If the manufacturer decides a total replacement of your defective object (which is very often the case, especially with Bandai Tamashii Nations products) you will be asked to completely destroy the product in your possession (using a well placed hammer blow) and send us a photo of the destroyed item. Once we have this photo in our possession, we will be authorized by the distributor to proceed with the shipment.

For defective parts that have to be returned to us, we will pay the return shipping costs for our customers living in the European Union (who receive a return label and then drop off their parcel at their local post office). Customers living outside the European Union must pay the return shipping costs.

That is all very well and good, but how long does it take to get a solution ?

As you know, most of the goods we sell are manufactured in Asia. The manufacturer ships its products in containers and by boat to the European distributor. Your replacement part is added to these regular deliveries. Shipping is quite slow and customs clearance formalities for goods are to be expected. We therefore generally receive replacement parts within one and a half to two months.

During this time, it is of course always possible for you to display the item in your possession in your glass cabinet.