First 4 Figures F4F

First 4 Figures (or F4F for intimates) is the reference brand of our online store for your purchases of collectible statues paying tribute to your favorite video game characters.

Are you a Nintendo or Sega fan ? Are you passionate about Link's adventures in Legend of Zelda ? Do you like the emblematic Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot or Spyro ? Then First 4 Figures certainly has the right resin statue for your collection in its catalogue !

Since its creation by a group of enthusiasts in 2003, the F4F brand has successfully worked on many licenses from the video game world ... but not only ! First 4 Figures also produces magnificent statues dedicated to the world of manga and anime. Licenses such as Berserk or One Punch Man have thus passed into the hands of the First 4 Figures designers with superb final results.

F4F is currently one of the most reliable brands in our shop. Our customers regularly give us their very positive feedback on the finishing of these products. In addition, the packaging of F4F products is designed to be perfectly resistant when transporting your statue to your home, a must for resin statues.

If you are a fan of quality collectible statues, you are in the right place to make your next purchase : dive into the world of First 4 Figures (F4F), a journey you will not regret !