As a standard, our company only supplies its customers with new and sealed products in perfect boxes (c10).

However, we occasionally receive products from our suppliers whose boxes have been damaged during transport.

In such cases, we offer these items on our website at a reduced price, the extent of the reduction being directly related to the degree of damage to the packaging.

The products sold in this way are of course always in perfect condition and guaranteed.

Box with small imperfection

These boxes have one or more cracks in the cardboard and/or a slightly crushed corner.

Non-contractual example photo : Non c10 box with small imperfection

Slightly damaged box

These boxes have a very visible defect, but this does not prevent them from fulfilling their protective role.

Non-contractual example photo : Non c10 box slightly damaged

Heavily damaged box

The packaging of these boxes no longer fulfils its protective function.

The product may have to be opened by us to check its integrity.

Non-contractual example photo Non c10 box heavily damaged

How to benefit from the discounts offered for damaged boxes?

When a product is available with this option, a drop-down menu entitled "Box" appears on its detail page on our site.

Using this menu, you can choose the level of damage you want.

Once you have made your choice, the price of the product will adjust on the screen.

Then click on "add to basket" and complete your order as normal.