Dragon Ball SH Figuarts action figures

SH Figuarts Dragon Ball figures

If you are a fan of the Akira Toriyama manga and you land on this page after searching for where to find Dragon Ball Z figures, it is not by chance: welcome to the Myth Factory store section dedicated to Dragon Ball SH Figuarts Bandai Tamashii Nations figures.

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A toy brand for my Dragon Ball Z collection: don't even count on it!

Of course, when you read Bandai, you immediately think of this brand that has been making children happy for so many years ... but it does much more.

Bandai created its brand Tamashii Nations to manufacture high-end collectible figures for adults.

It is in the catalog of Bandai Tamashii Nations that you will find the SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z range.

This action figure is simply magical (not as much as a crystal ball but almost), here's why.

The SH Figuarts figure in 4 words


The joint system is the strong point of this product. The posing possibilities are almost unlimited and it is rather practical to display the characters of a manga like Dragon Ball who have a well marked body attitude.

Your favorite Dragon Ball heroes can easily be displayed by executing their attacks or adopting their emblematic positions.


Joints are good but a figure that stands alone is better, we agree.

This Dragon Ball action figure guarantees in the majority of the cases a perfect balance for a simplified display on your shelf or in your showcase.

Because of its lightness, a SH Figuarts can also be used with Stage Act 4 transparent display stands (also from Bandai Tamashii Nations). The two products complement each other perfectly to recreate the aerial fights of the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super series.


With these products, Bandai offers you many accessories such as interchangeable hands, faces and hair (from Super Saiyan in particular).

Other bonuses can also be present in the box depending on the character: a pair of sunglasses and a cape for Great Saiyaman, a cloud for Son Goku or a crystal ball and a dragon radar for Bulma for example.


The icing on the cake is the Bandai Tamashii Nations quality guarantee. These collector's items are produced with the utmost care.

Moreover, if you should encounter the slightest problem when unpacking your figurine, a solution will be proposed by the manufacturer after your favorite store has submitted your replacement request.

The seriousness of Bandai Tamashii Nations in this matter is the basis of its excellent reputation.

What does SH Figuarts Premium Color Edition mean?

The SH Figuarts Dragon Ball range has existed for many years, the list of characters marketed is already very complete.

Unfortunately, these collector's items being edited in limited edition, it can be complicated to start a collection when many models are out of stock.

To help collectors, Bandai has found a solution to this impasse by reissuing certain pieces under the Premium Color Edition label. These reissues differ from the original version by a slightly different color.

The principle of limited edition is therefore respected and collections can be completed: we say thank you Bandai!