Myth Factory becomes a partner of Miketigra's YouTube channel

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We're delighted to announce the start of our partnership with Miketigra, the specialising YouTuber in Saint Seiya collectibles!

As you no doubt know, this licence has had a special place in our shop's catalogue since its creation, mainly through the range of Saint Cloth Myth collectible figures from Bandai Tamashii Nations.

It was this shared passion for the Knights of the Zodiac that led us to get to know and appreciate Mike, his outspokenness and the titanic work he does for the community of Saint Seiya resin statue and Saint Cloth Myth figures collectors.

We've always wanted to give you the best possible information about our products to help you build up your collection in the best possible conditions, so it was only logical that we decided to lend our support to this specialist in Masami Kuramada's manga.

A Belgian (like us) whose YouTube channel has become a benchmark that allows collectors to make their purchases with precise, high-quality information.

If you're a fan of Saint Seiya products, we urge you to subscribe to his channel if you haven't already done so! (

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