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Star Wars shop - Collectible figures and statues


Welcome to the Myth Factory's Star Wars Shop!

If you like the best science fiction saga of all time: you are in the right place!

Indeed, since the creation of our shop, the Star Wars licence has always been one of the most active in our catalogue.

You will find in our shelves a complete offer of Star Wars collectibles under official license for all budgets: figures, busts, statues, helmets and collectors of all kinds!

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Quality Star Wars figures for all budgets

Among the most affordable products you will find Hasbro's "The Vintage Collection" figures, which owe their name to their packaging, which is based on Kenner's vintage figures from the 1970s and 1980s. Also 10 cm high, these Hasbro figures have more joints than their illustrious ancestors. They can easily suit the youngest collectors.

Want more detail without spending a lot more? Then head over to Hasbro's other successful range: the Black Series. Measuring 15cm high, these PVC figures are more detailed and come with more accessories than their smaller siblings. However, because of the larger scale, there are fewer vehicles available to accompany their display in your display cases than in The Vintage Collection. The Vintage Collection regularly offers replicas of the iconic ships from the saga and even some dioramas from the Star Wars movies and TV series.

Good news, these two Hasbro ranges benefit from our 10% discount offer from 100 EUR purchase, take advantage of it!

On the other hand, if you would rather acquire a much more accomplished Star Wars figure, we invite you to turn to the sixth scale (30 cm high) figures by Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles. Their budget is totally different as well as the work required for their production: cloth clothes, hand-painted face, accessories reproduced in the smallest details, concern for fidelity with regard to the image of the characters in the films or series, ... we are here in a completely different register far from the toy universe.

Star Wars busts and statues too!

Not a fan of action figures but looking for a nice collector's item featuring Darth Vader, Darth Maul or Luke Skywalker?

Our polystone statues and busts are made for you!

We offer them in different scales. 1/10 or full size, choose from the most prestigious manufacturers of Star Wars collectibles such as Gentle GiantIron Studios or Sideshow Collectibles (yes, they are everywhere!). Quality products, for the most beautiful effect in your home.

PVC statues are also offered by our shop. Although their price is lower, their rendering is often of a very high level thanks to a careful selection of our supplies from reputable manufacturers such as Kotobukiya for example.

And even Star Wars helmets!

Perhaps decorating and shelving are not your thing? Is getting into character your thing? Then there's nothing like a replica helmet to see the world through the eyes of your favourite Stormtrooper at the next Star Wars convention.

Here again, depending on your choices, the budget may differ greatly between an EFX helmet, which is very accurate, or a Hasbro helmet with nice electronic effects.

In short, we think we have everything you need for your Star Wars collection ... and if not, contact us, we will arrange it :-)