Prime 1 Studio

Price €299.90

Welcome to the section of our webshop dedicated to the Prime 1 Studio statues, brand based in Japan and made famous by its large size 1/3 statues with an incredible level of finish.

Founded in March 2012, Prime 1 Studio has successfully worked on many renowned licenses such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Transformers, Berserk, G.I.Joe, Evangelion ... among others !

Collectors of large items are seduced by the quality of the statues offered by Prime 1 Studio among which many benefit from interchangeable parts (face, arm, weapon, ...) allowing you several display options.

Prime 1 Studio statues are exceptional products that will delight their owner by the strong impact of their presence in a collection.

By purchasing your Prime 1 Studio statues at Myth Factory, you choose the guarantee of the official European distribution network that offers reliable after-sales service.