How to pose a Saint Cloth Myth figure: 9 things you need to know

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Not always easy to assemble, and especially always difficult to pose! That sums up the challenge for the collector of Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth figures, where patience is the great virtue.

"The art of posing" allows you to showcase your figures with natural poses that represent the character or attacks of the character. It takes time and experience to master or develop the techniques related to it. However, by adhering to some basic principles, you can quickly achieve effective poses, bringing your favorite saints to life.

Do you want some tips for beginners?

Look no further, Myth Factory comes to the rescue...

Tip #1: Every beginning needs a good start and a good partner

The difficulty level of posing a figure will essentially depend on the number of pieces in its armor.

Long hair can also hinder the character's head movements and limit the possibilities. To practice, prioritize a figurine with lightweight armor, and preferably one whose owner has recently visited the hairdresser. For example, Pegasus Seiya (V1, V2, or V3), Alberich of Megrez, or Unicorn Jabu are excellent training partners.

For the most flexible articulation system and a more natural result, generally prefer the EX versions over the classic versions.

Tip #2: Keep in mind the characteristics of the character

Refer to some of your favorite scenes from the anime or manga for inspiration. Try to express the uniqueness of your character.

You can also find a photo of your saint from the animated series on the web and try to reproduce the pose.

Tip #3: Use the articulations

Think about the human body! Regardless of the position it adopts, its main joints are rarely at rest.

So, avoid presenting your characters with straight legs and arms like "I": break the straight lines as much as possible. Create even more dynamism by rotating the pelvis and neck.

And finally: spread the legs... but not too much either. In most cases, the equivalent of the character's shoulder width will do.

Tip #4: It's all in the gaze

When presenting a character in attack or defensive mode, make sure to direct their gaze in the direction of the action; it will enhance the realism of the scene.

Tip #5: Use the accessories included in the box

Choose interchangeable hands that match the pose of your figure.

Enhance the character's expression in its situation by opting, for example, for a screaming face to accompany an attack or defense. A face with closed eyes will often be more suitable for a more relaxed display or to depict a concentration phase during the preparation of an attack.

Tip #6: Find the balance

A Saint Cloth Myth figure balances like a human being:

- By using the ankle joints to keep the feet flat on the ground

- By possibly bending the knees more to lower the center of gravity

- By using the weight of the arms to balance your figurine laterally

Get help for more complex poses! You may have noticed that to be balanced, a Saint Cloth Myth figure must, like humans once again, have both feet on the ground. For a more airborne pose, with one (or two?) foot lifted from the ground, consider using Stage Act 4 stands that will support the wildest poses.

However, we do not recommend using them with more massive figurines (those with wings, for example) because the stand joints collapse if the supported character is too heavy.

Tip #7: Conceal the articulation systems

Try to combine the use of joints and the possibilities of reorienting certain pieces of the armor to hide unsightly articulation systems.

Our friend Mike Tigra explains this very well in this video dedicated to the posing theme (which we strongly recommend watching!).

Tip #8: Present the most unified and covering armor possible

Bring the pieces of the forearm and hand closer to avoid "a gap" at the wrist.

Do the same with the leg guards and thigh guards by bringing them closer to the pieces covering the kneecaps.

At the shoulder level, use the body's joints to bring the shoulder as close as possible to the armor's shoulder piece.

Tip #9: Take your time and have fun!

No pressure... if you're not satisfied, start over and try different things.

With a bit of perseverance (and sometimes a lot of patience), you will succeed and breathe life into these magnificent collectibles that are your Saint Seiya Myth Cloth.

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