Saint Seiya : Saint Cloth Myth figures

Saint Cloth Myth Saint Seiya figures

Bandai Tamashii Nations Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth action figures available at our online store are dedicated to Masami Kurumada Saint Seiya manga's characters.

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Saint Cloth Myth EX Alcor Bud (Saint Seiya)

Saint Cloth Myth EX Alcor Bud (Saint Seiya)

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What is a Saint Cloth Myth figure?

This range of 15 cm high collectible action figures was launched by Bandai Tamashii Nations in 2003. Each action figure comes with metal and plastic armor. This armor can be placed on the body of the character or assembled separately as an object.

This product has been very successful since its launch. Many characters of the Saint Seiya manga have been able to join the display cabinet of collectors around the world. In addition to the main bronze saints Pegasus, Cygnus, Dragon, Phoenix and Andromeda, the other speakers also have an action figure in their effigy. The gold saints of course, but also the silver saints, the god warriors, the Poseidon marinas as well as the Hades specters.

What is the difference between Saint Cloth Myth EX, OCE and Revival?

Since 2011, Bandai Tamashii Nations has been offering Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth EX action figures. This is an improved version of the classic action figure, slightly higher (around 18 cm) and refined. It benefits from new generation joints that allow more dynamic poses. The faces and armor of a Saint Cloth Myth EX action figure are also more detailed than its ancestor.

In 2017, Bandai Tamashii Nations began reissuing some of the action figures declared as out of stock at stores and online shops. These reissues are listed under the names Saint Cloth Myth Revival and Saint Cloth Myth EX Revival. However, in some cases, Revival versions are different from the original edition, such as different (and improved) interchangeable faces.

Each type of action figure can be edited by the manufacturer in Original Color Edition version, also called OCE version. This is an action figure faithful to the colors of the manga while the standard collection is primarily based on colors inspired by the Saint Seiya animated series.

Whichever version you buy, Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth action figures will give you complete satisfaction with their level of finish. You get additionally a total guarantee from Bandai Tamashii Nations which provides a high quality after-sales service through your favorite shop.

These collectible action figures are recommended for fans wishing to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the manga or cartoon, a purchase you will not regret.