Hot Toys

Our online store is an offical Hot Toys action figures retailer, the famous « burning brand » based in Hong Kong.

Buying your Hot Toys action figures at Myth Factory is the guarantee of receiving an official product from the European distribution network, sealed in a brown shipper box with a high quality after-sales service.

Since 2000 the Hot Toys brand has many times demonstrated its ability to produce high quality sixth scale or quarter scale action figures based on movies, manga or video games characters.

Fans of many licenses operated by Hot Toys such as Marvel (Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, ...), DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Justice League, ...) or Star Wars have already collected a lot of amazing action figures, with perfect joints and hand painted headsculpts, highlight of the Hot Toys brand.

The Hot Toys action figures are one of the jewels of our catalog, we strongly recommend it to fans of ultra realistic action figures.

If you're looking for high quality 1/6 or 1/4 action figures, there's no question: Hot Toys is a brand you need to pay attention to.

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