Oniri Creations

Oniri Creations is the French brand of collectible statues that surprised more than one collector in the world !

Hand-painted statues, limited edition (less than 1,000 pieces per model) ... and dedicated to licenses rarely used by manufacturers of high-quality polyresin collectible statues such as Captain Harlock, Space Adventure Cobra, Death Note or Full Metal Alchemist.

Oniri Creations focused on statues and dioramas at the 1/6 scale. This specificity makes it somewhat unique in this category and allows you to easily display a lots of statues in a small space.

Cherry on the cake, quality is a priority. Each statues is checked individually by the internal team before sending to the final customer, great isnt' it ?

You will understand, Oniri Creations equals to amazing collectible statues at all levels.

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