Oniri Creations

Oniri Creations is the French brand of resin collectible statues created in 2017 that surprised many collectors in record time !

Hand painted collectible statues, in limited edition (less than 1,000 pieces per model)... and dedicated to famous licenses of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Captain Harlock, Cobra, Bersek, Evangelion and Grendizer can thus join the shelves of those nostalgic for these decades blessed by the gods of manga and anime.

Oniri Creations has also worked to highlight more recent licenses rarely addressed by manufacturers of collectible statues such as the Attack on Titan, Death Note or Full Metal Alchemist.

The brand focused on statues and dioramas on a scale of 1/6. This specificity makes it somewhat unique in this category and allows you to easily display several pieces in a smaller space.

But what about the quality ? Just amazing. Each part is individually checked by Oniri Creations' internal teams before being sent to the final customer. Then, the sealed art boxes are surrounded by polystyrene before being placed in a shipper box. You are thus sure to receive a product in perfect condition !

As you will have understood, Oniri Creations produces exceptional pieces at all levels. It is very rare to be able to hold in your hands objects whose quality of painting really brings the characters to life... and collectors are not mistaken ! Many models are sold-out before they arrive in stock. Remember to pre-order your statue by a full payment, a simple reservation deposit of 15% or a payment in 3 installments.