Harry Potter

You reach the Diagon Alley of our shop, this page is dedicated to Harry Potter's action figures, statues and goodies from the famous series of books and movies based on the characters created by J.K. Rowling.

No need to throw yourself against the first wall from your local station to come and take possession of one of our items, our owls are responsible for their transport to your home (which will prevent you a severe headache).

We provide muggles everything they need to dive into the Harry Potter wizard's universe and complete their relics collection. Between two magic wands or in the middle of books of magic spells you will be able to find officially licensed action figures, like Star Ace Toys or Hot Toys items.

It may also be that you meet some Fantastic Beasts but do not worry : they are safe ... nevertheless, beware if you start talking Parseltongue in front of your screen.

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